Ze Frank: An Invocation for Beginnings

So. Much. Awesome.

And when I get that feeling in my stomach… you know the feeling when all of a sudden you get a ball of energy and it shoots down into your legs, and up into your arms, and it tells you to get up and stand up and go to the refrigerator and get a cheese sandwich? That’s my Cheese Monster talking. And my Cheese Monster will never be satisfied by cheddar… only the cheese of accomplishment.

I never really watched/followed zefrank closely, but have been in awe of many of his projects over the years. I remember the very early “How to Dance Properly” Flash tutorial he made, back in a time when people hadn’t yet started to use video much, online. More recently, his Young Me, Now Me project is pretty damn spectacular.

This invocation is an incredibly awesome opener to his latest project: A Show.

[via Dustin]

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