Working Together

I brought my work laptop home tonight, to try to get a little more progress on a project that’s due on Friday. I still feel pretty slow going, so I wanted to ensure I’m going to make the project deadline.

After work, I stopped over at the Apple Store to try to find a male-to-male mini DisplayPort cable. My hope was to rig up my laptop, and use my iMac as a second monitor. Sadly, they didn’t carry that at the store. But after talking to a few folks, they suggested I try using a male-to-male Thunderbolt cord, which… didn’t end up working.

So instead of working at my desk, I ended up hunkering down at the dining room table, in Liz’s office the living room.

Normally, if we’re off doing our own projects… Liz is in the living room, and I’m in the office – she’s on her sewing machine, I’m on my Mac. But tonight was a nice change of pace. We both got to hang out at the same spot, and went about our tasks.

It was a nice way to spend the evening – together, but still doing our own things.

Painting the Dining Room
Old Table, New Table: Work is Complete!

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