A Busy and Event-Filled Day

Let’s just say that today, a lot of things went down.

There was an incident in the morning involving super glue being mistaken for frosting. And then there was a walk to church that should have been a pleasant stroll with a bit of rain, but the weather turned on us – leaving us pretty wet, both there and on the way back.

Then there was the small issue of being locked out of the apartment for an hour or so. And, a small sliver of time where the neighbors came out on their front porch, after seeing yours truly trying to jimmy the front door open with a credit card. Luckily, no police were called, and the neighbors took us in while the locksmith came to do his magic.

And since things come in threes, let’s not overlook us driving to the airport (which was 30 minutes away), only to almost arrive before I realized that I had forgotten something back at the apartment. Yeah.

Again, as luck would have it – our flight was delayed, and we made it with time to spare.

Lots of activity, lots of excitement, and never a dull moment today.

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