Glenn Gould: Bach, Goldberg Variations

This is giving me a great deal of pleasure today. Though I’m not a huge fan of classical music, I’m listening to Glenn Gould play Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

Interesting tidbit: while we were in Paris, Liz and I attended an evening concert at Sainte Chapelle. It was an intimate setting, with not that many people… and the performance was a solo cellist, playing Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

Here’s an Rdio playlist of some of my favorites, cheekily titled “Espresso Variations:”

// Edit: Ha! Just realized that I’m somewhat repeating myself, as I just now found this post from 2010. I guess 5 years is enough time to justify a double, right?

Flash Experiment: Gould
Paris, Day 5: Les Puces de Vanves Flea Market, Evening Concert at Sainte Chapelle
Playing the Player Piano

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