EDEN: Billie Jean

This is a weird one. I’m not sure how I happened across this song – possibly through one of Spotify’s playlists. I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan, but I found myself really hooked on this cover by EDEN.

I should say: I found myself hooked on the first minute of the song. I liked the single voice (and also the sound of his own voice as backing vocals).

I was reminded a lot of Gary Jules’ cover of Mad World (originally by Tears for Fears).

But then it starts to feel like I’m standing in a club – with the hand claps and synth notes and the pitch shifting done to the main vocals. It’s all very well done, if that’s your thing – but it’s not particularly my thing.

That said, I still found myself going back and listening to the song again and again, just for that opening. And eventually, I started to not mind the middle parts so much.

I still don’t like the middle of the song. I was just ok with listening through it for the start and the end. A little odd, but it’s what ended up happening.

A big part of the pleasure of listening to covers of this song is how familiar I am with it. I never really focused in on the words or the music too intently before, but I find myself listening a lot closer now – and I’m surprised at how much pleasure I derive from the key changes in the song.

A weird tune to get fixated on, but… it’s something I listened to a great deal this past week or two. I know, it’s unusual. But hey – I don’t always pick the songs. Sometimes the songs pick me.

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