The Magic Ball Man

I was looking through my “Drafts” in WordPress the other day – and scanning the small group of blog posts I had sitting there. Sometimes, I have an idea or concept that I’ll jot down, and maybe paste in a few links. I always plan on going back to these drafts and turning them into full-on posts, but sometimes I forget and they just sit there.

I found this post, titled “The Magic Ball Man” – with just a hanful of links. I have no idea how I found this, or what I planned on writing. I just have several links to a very interesting individual, with a very interesting skill.

So since I can’t recall a lot of the details, I’m going to just share what I found. Er, again.

Note: The first link was to Ghita Katz Olsen’s photo, so perhaps I found out about this guy on Flickr during a random image search?

You can find out more about the guy at, but I like his Facebook page a little better.

Biisuke Ball’s Big Adventure
Clockwork – K’nex Ball Machine
Wherein Bryan Teaches Everyone a Magic Trick, Chris Learns It, Perfects It, and Performs the “Jig of Victory”

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