Malevich: Transforming Your Photos into Art

I found an app via Product Hunt a few weeks ago, called Malevich. Named after Kazimir Malevich (the app’s icon is a black square), the app uses neural networks by combining your photos with the artwork of famous artists.

I’m not 100% as to exactly what “neural networks” means, but my rough understanding is that it’s image recognition software that attempst to map/replace elements from one image to the next.

It’s easier to just show you the thing in action:

Here’s an original image, one I took when we were cleaning up the front yard.

And here is van Gogh’s “Landscape with House and Ploughman.”

The combined image.

A photo I took of Liz, standing next to her (now enormous) spaghetti squash plants.

And this is van Gogh’s “Portrait d’Adeline Ravoux.”

The combined result.

The app preserves its uniqueness, as it allows you one free image per day. You can purchase more, but so far I’ve found that limiting myself to one image keeps things interesting – and that I’m not abusing the novelty.

You can see more examples on the official website, as well as the #mlvch tag on Instagram.

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