A Large Unicycle in the Wild

Saw this guy coming down the street a yesterday, and I was so in awe… I wasn’t able to get out my phone in time. I snapped a picture, but only after he had almost rounded the corner.

He’s riding what looks like a unicycle, but the wheel is just enormous! Or maybe that’s what a normal unicycle wheel looks like, and all the other ones I think are “normal” are used by clowns while performing for kids, I dunno.

And because I’m someone who blogs a lot, this is not my first unicycle post. Nor is it my first Hyde Park unicycle post, weirdly enough. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m wondering if the guy I saw today was the same guy I saw last year.

Thinking about it, I guess riding a unicycle frees up your hands – and lets you do more “stuff” while you’re travelling. Though my first thought is I’d be on my phone, which sounds like a recipe for disaster. Mix that with my poor ability to multitask, and… yeah, maybe unicycle’s aren’t for me.

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