Sherwin Williams: Cover the Earth

Over the last two weeks, Liz and I had occasion to visit many, many Sherwin-Williams stores. For our final week of working on the basement, we had to track down all manner of things: a patch to fix concrete cracks that had a short cure time, a cleaner/degreaser, and the actual epoxy itself.

We were looking for something a bit more industrial-strength, and learned the difference between a regular Sherwin-Williams Paint Store vs a Sherwin-Williams Commercial Paint store.

Each time we visited a new location, I couldn’t help but just gawk at the company’s logo and tagline: “Cover the Earth.”

On first seeing it, I laughed. It struck me as such a sinister kind of thing to display. I get its ambition and reach, but the whole feel of it left me with a kind of super-villain vibe.

Doing a quick search online, it seems I’m not alone in this thought.

All this said – I experienced some of the most amazing customer service I’ve had from a brick and mortar store. As far as knowledgeable, friendly folks… every person at every store was fantastic. Nearly everyone I spoke with was patient, indulgent with their time, and quick to provide advice on what they knew (and suggestions for other resources, when they didn’t know something firsthand).

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