I learned about Holedown via Twitter, seemingly randomly. It was two posts – one by Matt Haughey and one by rands, which was recommendation enough for me.

The game itself is super fun and easy to pick up. Imagine a kind of reverse Peggle thing, where your goal is to remove blocks.

The number on each block indicates how many times it needs to be hit, before it disappears. Some blocks (that have an ‘x’ on them) will remain in place until they’re destroyed… but other blocks will just fall away if there’s nothing underneath to support them.

It’s a very compelling game, and definitely hard to put down once you start. The sound design of this game is also top notch, and reminded me of how much I loved to play (and listen to) Spaceplan.

Is it nerdy of me to also say that I loved the Press Kit for the game? Definitely need to look into the other games made by this company.

// Interesting side note – in the time I found Matt’s post about Holedown and now, he’s apparently left Twitter.

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