The Lethal Weapon Revelation

Last night, Liz and I were scanning for something to watch on TV. Having finished most of the episodic stuff we’ve been watching lately, she found the 80’s classic “Lethal Weapon” available through IMDb’s Freedive, a new movie service that lets you watch some movies/shows for free (but with ads).

The experience was… alright. Annoying with the ads, but just a half step shy of annoying us enough to where we stopped and quit. It’s been so long since I’ve really seen actual ads, seeing any kind of ad on the TV now feels foreign and weird.

We made it through the whole movie, ads and all. But at the very end, as the credits were rolling… I heard what sounded like a theme song.

Yes, reader. There’s a Lethal Weapon theme song. It’s not the greatest video quality, but there’s definitely a video on YouTube:

Lethal Weapon was one of those movies that always seemed to be on HBO, when I was growing up. It’s a movie I’ve watched countless times, and I probably know several scenes by heart just through sheer repetition and exposure. Like the way the kid in the sunglasses says “I saw him,” just after the explosion at Dixie’s house. Or the “Let’s get the flock out of here” joke. Burned into my brain over countless viewings.

The official track listing seems like a somewhat literal snapshot of the whole movie plot. But the title track was performed by a Canadian group called Honeymoon Suite. I should also note that the title track is different from what is technically the “Lethal Weapon Theme.”

Also, another thing I learned is that Eric Clapton was involved in this soundtrack too. Craziness.

One thing I remember thinking, on more than one ocasssion while re-watching this movie… boy, did we sure love the saxophone in the 1980’s.

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