Vampire Weekend: Big Blue

Lately, I’ve been playing Big Blue on an incessant loop, while coding. At first, I created a playlis of other songs by Vampire Weekend that were in the same style… but eventually just went back and set this one song on repeat/loop.

The lyrics are… fine. And the song itself is quite short (hence me wanting to introduce a few other songs). But the choice to fixate on this particular song seems more pathological than some of my other choices. Maybe it’s the length, and just how quick it is (under two minutes).

When I look back on the songs I’ve liked and looped in the past, there’s typically a rise/fall to them. But this one just kind of consistently does the same thing, over and over again.

While I do like the song, the sense I have is that I like the function this song serves for me. I set it on repeat, hit play, and am able to zone out a bit while I work.

Not sure if mantras work in a similar manner. Or if this is just my lazy way of letting Spotify do that work for me.

Vampire Weekend: Step

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