Date Night: Barton G

A few months back, Liz and I had heard of a place called Barton G’s. It sounded fun, in terms of how the food and presentation was described (think: very over the top)… and so Liz ended up making reservations for us to try it out.

We got there around 6:30, and the place was just starting to fill up.

Me, trying to look comfortable when I’m not the one taking photos.

Liz got the Buddhalicious, which I think had liquid nitrogen in it? There was a great deal of smoke coming from the glass, prior to this.

Another view of her drink.

My drink was the BG Moonshine. The smoke was from a separate compartment (dry ice, I think). And the drink itself is poured from the top, winds its way down, and out the spigot on the left.

Lobster Pop-Tarts. And it just so happened that the toaster is the perfect color of teal that Liz likes. No, I’m serious.

Liz got the Lobster and Chicken Pot Pie.

Which she seemed quite happy with.

I got the meatloaf.

Which, like everything else, was way over the top.

We ordered dessert afterwards, and were not quite prepared for just how much dessert got delivered. Liz really liked the strawberries, and I had a nice amount of the cake. Though, the sugar didn’t combine that well with the drink from earlier, as I got a little splotchy.

On our way out, we asked the restaurant to hang on to our leftovers – and decided to take an after-dinner stroll. We walked over to the river, and just ambled around a few blocks.

It was a very nice night out, and after walking a bit… my head did clear up a lot. We went down to the river walk, and over a few streets, mostly just circling around.

On our way back. We’re both rarely around downtown in the evenings, so getting a chance to just wander was really nice. The walk after dinner was a great idea, and a lovely way to end the evening.

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