Weekend in Whitehall, Day 4

The final board for “Ticket to Ride.”

We resumed game in the morning, after breakfast, and spent a decent amount of time playing through. While I had a lot of shorter routes (and a ton of completed destinations), Liz ultimately won the game. Though it’s worth noting that Jackson also scored the longest route.

It’s a tricky game to explain, but I feel like once you have the rules out there… the gameplay gets a little easier. As with the Royal Game of UR, the kids seemed to really like this one as well.

A quiet moment in the porch. While we were playing our game, Anne and Kirt were both out here just hanging out – reading a little, and working a bit on a puzzle. Later on, Liz and Isabelle both joined.

When I snapped this photo, the sun was pouring in, things were quite in the house, and NPR was playing in the background. It really was a lovely, late morning moment.

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