Living Room Washers

With much, if not all, of the living room demo completed, we’re closing in on being able to put drywall up on the walls. Before all that though: we’re putting a layer of drywall on the ceiling (ceiling first, then the walls).

To ensure there’s no snags, I’ve been putting up washers in most of the rooms. We’re just throwing a new layer on top of the old, but we want to snug up the old as much as we can.

Bob was over earlier in the day, and the two of us did some work on the outside dining room wall. He had to leave early for a dinner engagement, and I switched over to finishing up the ceiling washers.

Wasn’t too hard to find the studs on the North side (I threw some screws down from the second floor, since the floors are partially exposed up there). On the South side, it took a little trial an error – but eventually found where the joists lined up against the wall studs.

Definitely got warm doing this, going up and down the ladder. Kind of a very slow, mild cardio workout. I was also trying to be super careful, as I didn’t want to fall off the ladder a second time.


Living Room Demo, Part 2
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