Another Late House Night

With Bob’s ductwork in the south end of the wall, Liz and I were able to continue along and put up the remaining drywall over the area. We had a layer of 3/8 to put up by the pocket doors, and then continue along with 1/2″.

It was late in the evening by the time we got to putting up more 1/2 by the basement door. We were making a lot of mistakes in our measurements and cuts – partly due to how late it was, and partly due to the fact that we’d been working a lot of late nights for some while now.

We cut the 10′ 1/2″ board wrong, and were on the verge of needing to scrap the whole piece (leaving us one board shy for finishing the room). I came up with an approach to patch in a 10′ length we had, and got to salvage the piece we had cut short for the doorway.

Another tricky board for us, where we cut the opening for the registers a little bit to tall. Lateness, tiredness, more mistakes.

Dining Room Drywall, Continued

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