Hop on Up

I’m usually following after Liz, who goes down to hang out with the bunnies around 10PM or so. Tonight, I was hanging out a little earlier… and had stretched out on the floor.

My back has been aching a little lately, which is not surprising given that all I’m really doing is sitting at my desk: either working my day job for 8+ hours, or pecking away at the Internet in the evenings. With isolating ourselves at home, I’m not really moving around much.

So stretching on the floor helps my back a bit. As I was doing this Phineas, ever curious bunny that he is, wandered over and decided to hop on me.

I was able to grab my phone and snap a few photos. But naturally, as soon as he saw this…

he got curious.

Phineas has always been a fairly bold bunny. And despite him slowly transitioning into an old man, he’s still ever curious and ever the explorer.

He and Liz have a special thing where he will wait at the top of the bunny cottage… and Liz was saddle up alongside it. And at that point, Phineas will hop onto her back. From there, Liz serves as a kind of elevator, taking him down to the floor… and sometimes back up to the top of the cottage.

I think the eventual goal here is to have Phineas perched on our shoulders, like parrots in the byone pirate days of yore.

Well, more specifically… maybe it’s my goal.

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