A Trip to the Dentist, in the Age of Coronavirus

I got a call this week from the dentist, reminding me that we had appointments this weekend. We were suddenly struck with a decision: do we go or delay it until later?

If we delayed it until the winter, things would likely be worse out there with Coronavirus. Would we want to chance it then? Liz and I talked about it, and decided now was the better time.

So with some bit of hesitation, we put on our masks, and prepared to go sit indoors for an extended period of time. Which should not really be a stressful thing, but it is because… Coronavirus.

On arriving, we couldn’t even get inside. We had to wait for someone to let us in, give us hand sanitizer, and walk us to the desk.

Though we had masks on, we both had to put on plastic gloves during the whole of our stay.

Definitely felt a little weird. But somewhat reassuring, in a kind of bleak way.

Post-dentist, we decided to swing by Logan Square to visit some old haunts. We decided getting some coffee at New Wave would be a nice thing. Turns out – they’d been closed for a while? And had just recently opened back up?

I was not expecting the interior to be empty. But folks mostly just came in, got coffee, and left.

Such a surreal experience.

One nice thing: I got a Cortado, which was lovely.
One not nice thing: I was monkey with the lid, forgot I hadn’t put it back on tightly, and spilled half my Cortado on my shirt.

Liz and I say outside on the benches while my shirt slowly dried.

We stopped in to Rebuilding Exchange, to look over the windows and doors they had there.

Then stopped in at a Binny’s, to stock up on some scotch.

Weird to be out and about all day today, running errands. This is the most activity we’ve had in months.

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