Ben Tardif’s “Ultimate Functional” Workbench

I don’t often enjoy watching how-to videos, or watching people make things. There’s a whole host of this type of content, particularly on Instagram, and it tends to stress me out more than it inspires. I tend to find them sources of frustration and anxiety.

Which, honestly, probably says more about me than the content. But that’s another topic for another time.

I happened across Ben Tardif and to my surprise… really enjoyed watching his process (to say nothing of the amazing workbench he created).

I haven’t quite put my finger on why I enjoyed his video over others, but watching and listening to his process… it did end up feeling more inspirational. A reaction I’ve never really had much of, when watching these types of videos.

For now, we’ve made do with some saw horses in the basement. Once we clear out some of the space down there, I could see us tackling something like this as a project.

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