Recovery Day

I took the day off work as a “recovery” day, after hearing a lot of reports that this second shot is what does people in. I expected flu-like symptoms, and to be more or less out of commission. I heard some people experience symptoms 10-12 hours after the shot, others 24+ hours.

For me, I woke up feeling like I had chills in the morning. And my head was fuzzy. Not feverish, but I could tell I was not right.

With Liz having her desk in our bedroom, she was on and off calls/meetings all day. I tried to avoid the bedroom for msot of the morning, contenting myself to watch a movie or two at my desk.

Towards the early afternoon though, I began to get a bit of a headache. And that headache grew a bit more and more, to the point where I ended up crawling into bed (and tried to doze off, while Liz was in her meetings).

I was bed-bound the rest of the night, had an ok appetite, but mostly just rested. I wasn’t floored, but I also wasn’t feeling top notch. And could very much tell something was off.

As uncomfortable as I may have been, it seemed to pale in comparison to stories I’ve heard from others. And of people who have actually gotten Covid.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to get both of my vaccine shots. I feel very fortunate, very grateful to feel just a little bit sick.

[photo via Jp Valery]

April Flu

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