I Think the Muscles in My Lower Back Have Atrophied

This is an embarrassing thing to say/admit: that day we did yard work a few days ago? It did a number on me. Like, a multi-day number.

It actually cropped up while I was on my hands and knees, weeding. More specifically, it cropped up when I stood up. I could feel an ache in my lower back, on the right side.

I think it’s due to how much I’ve stayed home, stayed in. And how much added time I’ve spent, working in front of a computer. I’m just not used to moving around, of any kind.

My back got worse and worse, to the point where when I stood up… I’d need to do so slowly, and walk down to the second floor with my body curled like a comma. My back muscles were tender to the touch. I’m amazed that just a small bout of working bent over, resulted in all of this.

My aching back carried on for several days, which was both depressing and surprising. It’s faded away now, but feels like it could come back again very quickly. Much like how the dandelions have already come back.

There’s an approach/philosophy that I heard at work once, involving difficult tasks. I’m not sure who originally coined it, or if it was a tech/code related saying. But it’s something along the lines of: That thing that hurts a lot to do? Do it more often.

[photo via Joyce McCown]

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