Calculations, and a Much Needed Trim

While I was sitting inside doing more number crunching, Liz was out back giving Tippi a much-needed trimming.

If you look through some of my older/recent backyard posts, you’ll likely spot Tippi in the background. In all her tree-afro glory.

Tippi’s really needed a trim for a while now.

With the fascia installed, the final remainnig step is putting on the molding.

The dimensions I used for the fascia no longer apply. So a second set of calculations are needed – new lengths, and new angles measured. The upside, I hope, is that things are a bit more stable, since we’re building off the fascia.

Note: My scratchpad was the test pieces I used, when trying out the brad nailer for the first time.

As I’m sharing this, I’m now second guessing my math.

For the molding we’re applying to the top, the process should be the same as what we did for the fascia. Figure out the exterior corner angle, divide by two.

For the molding we’re applying to the bottom, it actually sits underneath the fascia.

There is a difference, I’ve learned, between miter cuts for interior walls vs exterior walls.

The trick with interior walls is that simply bisecting the angle will result in two pieces that end up making a 90. So the second cut needs to be a compliemntary angle to the original (bisected) angle.

In hinsight, I wonder if I should have held off on this until I was ready to make the cuts. Thinking I might just have to walk through all this math one more time, whenever I get around to installing things.

Putting Tippi in the Ground

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