Daisy, Sleeping

Lately, Daisy has been sleeping a lot more. She’s an elderly bun now, having lost her vision and definitely showing her years. She’s still got energy, but she’s also taken to a lot more naps, lately.

In the evenings, before we put the bunnies away, we make up a batch of Critical Care for Daisy (trying to keep her weight up). I usually mix things up in the kitchen, and by the time I return… the bunnies are very excited, pacing the gate, waiting.

Tonight though, Daisy apparently fell asleep. I walked back in, and Liz put a finger to her mouth, telling me to be quiet.

Daisy had gotten into a deep sleep, and was apparently in the middle of a dream. Liz got a bit of video in, right before she woke up:

The flop at the end of the video is icing on the cake. We’ve rarely seen Daisy over on her side like this, so it’s a testament to how comfortable she must have gotten. I will say – it makes me a little nervous, seeing how much she’s been sleeping lately.

We’ve been told to be on the look out for her energy, to note if she starts to get lethargic. So far, she’s still got some pep and brightens up. But she’s also been sleeping more. Whether this is because of her health or her age, it’s difficult to tell.

Still, it’s nice to see her this relaxed. And she does seem active, even in her dreams.

30 Seconds of Daisy Snoring
Phineas Dreams

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