Chocolate Noses, Chocolate Moustaches

This is the last week of Liz’s classes, and she’s got one final left to turn in. She’s been plugging away pretty hard at the books all weekend (and the past two days), and finally hit a point last night where she could take a break.

And what does she do? Lounge around on the couch? She heads into the kitchen…

Per her request, I picked up the largest box of Frango mints I could find. I found a 2 lb. box, but I’m not quite so sure she had this size in mind.

Melting several pieces of the chocolate, and getting it ready to be piped out.

About a week ago, Liz got several chocolate molds (along with some sticks). This one’s for a chocolate moustache.

For the nose molds, Liz spread on a thin layer of chocolate first and allowed it to dry. I think this somehow helps with removing the chocolate later on.

In order to smooth out the chocolate, Liz had to bang the molds against the counter a few times. This removed any unevenness and helped the melted chocolate settle into a smooth surface.

Here’s what they looked like, after being taken out of the mold. Prior to this, Liz set the molds in the refrigerator for maybe 20-30 minutes, so the chocolate would set a little faster.

Chocolate noses! I dont’ say this often, but: inside my nose, there’s a little bit of buttercream (which has been in the freezer, ever since Liz made macarons).

And oh you better bet we thought about adding in strawberry jelly into one of these guys, at a future point.

Chocolate moustaches!

Chocolate noses and moustaches, together at last!

These guys are all part of Liz’s big plan for a candy table at the wedding reception. And I’m pretty sure they’re going to make for some pretty fun photographs, as you can imagine. Some pretty fun, delicious photographs.

// Edit: Totally random thing I just noticed – exactly one year and one day ago, Liz made her first fondant cake. That’s a little hard to believe.

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  1. I LOVE THESE!!!! Where did you find the mustache molds? I *might* have to copy you a little, Liz. : O ) PS. It has never occurred to me to put my frosting bag into a glass and fill it like you did! I always make A.P. stand there, hold it, and get sticky fingers. He’s about to be replaced by a glass! Also, you know these are going on the Friday dance, right??? They totally are.

    Marty J. Reply

  2. heh. These are great aren’t they. I had to wait a while for them, because they were out of stock. Feel free to “copy”! That way everyone can have more fun. :) I was soo excited when they came in the mail this past week. It almost made me not care that I had finals to work on.Bakeitpretty.comThe have a gazillion fun molds. :) Bacon & Eggs, bugs, buttons, and mustaches to name a few. I think she charges maybe 50 cents more than the cheap-cheap online stores, but bake-it-pretty runs her own business, so I like to buy from her instead. You can also make them in different colors, but I opted for the regular brown chocolate. I thought they were fun enough as-is.The sticks you can get on her site as well as the local JoAnn store. Take note: If you use decide to use real chocolate (instead of the melting wafers) you will have to learn how to temper your chocolate.

    Liz Reply


    Mellzah Reply

  4. Posted these in this week’s Friday dance! Yay!

    Marty J. Reply

  5. Whoa, those mustache and nose pops are crazy – I love it! What a nice tutorial you wrote up, too. Thanks so much for mentioning the shop! :)~Amanda

    Amanda (Bake It Pretty) Reply

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