Wedding Cake Macarons

On our anniversary, Liz and I didn’t do the whole “eat your wedding cake” thing. We had the top of the cake in our freezer soon after our wedding, and ended up sneaking a few bites before we left for our honeymoon. It didn’t quite taste right, so we ended up throwing the thing out (I think we left it out too long, before getting it to our freezer).

Fast forward a year, and we decided to go to Vanille, and pick up a little something sweet.

We got a fancy slice of cake (as opposed to a whole one). This was caramel, and had a toffee crust on the bottom.

We also got a ton of macarons. This is definitely our go-to place, if either of us gets the craving for these guys.

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  1. Happy anniversary!

    rachelle Reply

  2. Thanks, Rachelle! How’s the wedding planning going?

    avoision Reply

  3. Happy anniversary, guys! : O )

    Marty J. Reply

  4. It was such a fast, fast year. Thanks, Marty!

    avoision Reply

  5. It is going ok. This is not exactly my cup of tea, but I’m making the best of it. Also, we just hired a planner/coordinator, so hopefully it will be easier on us… and she can run around Kauai when we can’t.

    rachelle Reply

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