Liz Featured on Sew Weekly

Late in the day today, I got an excited email from Liz with a link to a site called Sew Weekly. When I loaded up the site, guess who I saw – front and center, right there on the home page!

The crazy thing is that Liz and I went to shoot these photos yesterday morning. It’s pretty surreal to see something we did yesterday featured on someone else’s website.

Sew Weekly began as a personal project by Mena Trott, who in 2010 gave herself the challenge to create a new dress every week, for a year. Since that time she’s gained a sizable audience, and in 2012 there are over 150 participants who are currently undertaking the challenge of creating a new garment every week. Liz is one of those participants, and lo and behold: first project, first week… she’s the first person featured.

My wife rocks. It’s hard to believe she took her first sewing class only a year and a half ago. She’s been a busy, busy girl.

There’s an interesting story that goes along with her project: worth reading, if you’re curious how long it took her to complete things, start to finish.

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