Thanksgiving in Frankfort, 2012

A view of the dinner table. It was smaller this year, with fewer of us around, but still made for a lovely and intimate meal together.

After dinner, we stayed up late, watching the first episode of Sherlock, followed by The Avengers.

The next morning, Liz, Julie and Katie headed out early to do some shopping. I spent most of the day with Bob, bumming around the house a bit, visiting a few stores nearby, and chatting about personal projects. We spent most of the evening watching movies, and got through two of the early Star Wars movies before the girls showed back up at the house (around 10:30 PM).

Saturday morning, Julie and Liz looking over grandma Denler’s old sewing machine (and the machine Julie learned to sew with). Liz has a similar, but smaller model.

We had several relaxing, lazy days in Frankfort. Well… at least Bob and I did, since we didn’t go on an all-day shopping bender. But it was nice relaxing around the house there, catching up a bit, watching movies, and taking things easy.

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