Animaniacs Are An Amazingly Awesome And Absurd Animation

I’m a big fan of Animaniacs, but though I’ve seen a lot of episodes… I just realized that I’ve by no means seen every one. I just came across this Pinky and the Brain clip via Boing Boing and it’s totally new to me. And it’s totally awesome.

I remember watching this show while in college, and totally loving it. I should check on Netflix, to see if any episode are available – what a great show.

One of my very vivid Animaniacs memories involved Yakko’s World, where Yakko lists every nation in the world in song. I was up early on a Saturday watching cartoons (as a sophomore in college, because that’s how I rolled) and this thing came on. My jaw dropped, and after the song ended… I was looking around in disbelief. I ended up describing the song to my roommates in detail, but this was way before YouTube… and it was a long while before I found someone else who had seen the episode as well.

Ah man, I wish cartoons were still this fun.

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  1. And they worked in rubber baby buggy bumpers! Gold stars all around for Pinky & the Brain!

    Juliet Reply

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