Xmas in Frankfort

Liz and I have been spending the past few days in Frankfort, the last stop of our annual multi-city and multi-family visits.

It’s been a very relaxing few days with Julie and Bob. Though there has been one day where I’ve been working on my laptop (in the dining room), the rest of the time has been a very comfortable, and slow passing of the hours. We’ve watched a lot of movies (which I always fall asleep to), and have had a lot of good food.

Julie’s had surgery on her feet, and has been trying to take these easy. I say trying as she still attempts to do a lot while wheeling herself around the house, despite her recuperation time. For the most part, we all have spent much of our time in the living room – hanging out, sipping a little wine, and watching movies.

Oh, and apple pie. We’ve been eating a lot of apple pie, too. See this plate? I ate this. And then went back in the kitchen for seconds, and did it all over again.

Apple Pies in Frankfort, 2013
Early Christmas in Frankfort, 2012
Christmas Day in Frankfort, 2011
Christmas Day in Frankfort, 2010

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