Cooking with Lyle Lovett, 13 Years Apart

Tonight, I was listening to Lyle Lovett’s album Step Inside This House while sipping wine, cooking up dinner in our kitchen. Or rather, our little makeshift kitchen that’s been set up in the dining room, as we work on the actual kitchen in the meanwhile.

While I was standing there, I remembered one of my very, very early blog posts – a Chinese Dumpling Recipe I posted way back in 2002. I remembered listening to this same album while I was cooking then, and it struck me how much things had changed over the last 13 years.

To go that far back I was still listening to music via CD’s. And I had an old, portable stereo guy that still played cassettes. Cassettes! That might actually have been the last piece of electronic equipment that I owned that actually took cassettes. Craziness.

Back then I was renting, and tonight I was standing in my own house. I was single then, and today I’m married to a fantastic woman.

I was a Flash developer back then, and I’m now a Front End dev. So computers are kind of a constant (though I was using a PC at the time, and it would be another 3 years until I fully converted over to a Mac).

I didn’t own a cellphone back then, and last year I put out an iPhone app on the App Store. I had a lovely cat named Harmony then, and I currently have two lovely rabbits named Phineas and Quincy.

Back then, I was in my second year on the North side of Chicago. And today, I’m in my first year living on the South side of Chicago. Thirteen years seems like a long while, but it also seems like a blink of the eyes. The more I think on the differences, the more awed I am at the comparisons.

And in case you were wondering: I no longer listen to music via CD’s. I’ve kept a few cassette tapes out of nostalgia, but I’m pretty sure every CD of mine is long gone. Tonight, I was listening to Lyle Lovett via my Amazon Echo.

The times may have changed, but it’s the songs that remain the same. Particularly apt, as the album I was listening to was comprised of songs by other artists that Lovett covered.

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