Mystery League: Free Public Puzzle Hunt This Saturday!

On Saturday, March 21, there will be a free Puzzle Hunt by The Mystery League – a company of creative puzzlemakers. The name of the Puzzle Hunt is “They Tell Me You Are Corrupt”, and you can register for it online.

The event looks to be in downtown Chicago, and will involve a variety of puzzle types (code breaking, legos, etc). And there also looks to be a team element to the whole thing as well. Check out the puzzle synopsis for more details.

Sandor Weisz is one of the main folks behind this, and he’s an avid fan of puzzles. Check out this Q&A with him and you’ll see what I mean.

I heard Weisz present at 20×2 Chicago, where he did a totally fascinating (and quick) talk on the Beale Ciphers. This even took place nearly five years ago, and I still think back to it fondly. The man really knows his puzzles, and can tell a good story!

I’m not sure if there are still spots available, this close to Saturday. But it seems that you can still register for the event, if you’re interested. It looks great!

Mystery League: Team-Based Puzzle Hunts

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