A New Old Rug for the Bunny Rabbits

As part of our clean-up yesterday of our first floor, we picked up a large rug via Freecycle.

We got this primarily so that the bunnies could have a larger space to lounge around and, more importantly, to run around. They weren’t able to get much traction on the wood floors, and our mish-mash of smaller rugs wasn’t really cutting it.

While they have carpet in their open pen area, we felt a larger space could give them room to sprint. Whenever the bunnies get super excited or happy, you’ll see them on a tear (similar to what a cat might do). During these phases, Liz and I have taken to saying that they’ve “got the hops.”

Because it’s a somewhat infrequent thing, and because it’s an indicator of their happiness – it makes us grin, ear to ear, whenever it happens. Hopefully it happens more, now that they have this rug.

Lounging around on the carpet with the bunnies (closeup photo courtesy of Liz). Look at those little mugs!

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  1. Awww I love my bunnies! So cute…

    The rug is such a nice upgrade for us as well – freecycle is the best.

    Liz Reply

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