Revisiting a Few Blog Posts From 2016

Today, I’ve been going over every post in 2016 in preparation for my Ten Best Days project, trying to figure out which ten days to pick.

I usually start off by bookmarking anything of interest, and then slowing whittling things down from there. It’s an interesting process, in that there ends up being lots of interesting moments worth remembering… but many don’t quite make the cut, in terms of the top-10 list.

To that end, I have a small list of days that likely aren’t going to be included in my final list – but I still felt like they warranted a little extra attention.

So I’m including them one more time, in one collected post. I hope that, like me, you find it fun to read these over again.

Jesus, Creator of Plate Tectonics and AIDS
Have Sign, Will Travel

Cleaning the Attic in Frankfort

Searching Old Boxes for Old Poems

Peace Pop: Extra-Large Bubble Wrap Street Art Installation, Chicago

The Goonies Coloring Adventure Book

My Family’s Secret Life as TV Commercial Superstars from the 1980’s

Lost Arts: A New Workspace for Ambitious Creatives

Fantastic Fake Movies That Only Exist in The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Walking Past the Man, the Woman, and the Medic

Sudden Nostalgia, at the Absolute Worst Time

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