Reboxing Our Boxes

Today, Liz and I spent the morning and afternoon tackling the second floor. We’ve decided to refocus our efforts on the second floor, and the best thing we feel is to clear as much space as possible.

To that end, we’re repacking all the boxes from our move (which have been sitting in a big pile, in our front office). Our goal is to hire some movers, relocate everything into storage, and clear out the whole second floor completely – giving us some room to work.

Liz, standing outside briefly on our second floor balcony – something we’ve rarely done.

The view from up here.

We had a good amount of things just stored up on the second floor, in the guest room. A big part of what we did today was revisit everything – and deciding whether we would keep or curb it. A lot of things made their way outside.

Hard to see, but there are little star and planet stickers on the ceiling. Liz and I missed this until now, as the whole room had just been painted over.

Impromptu selfie, after discovering a mirror on the back of a closet door that had been just sitting here for ages. This guy definitely went to the curb (but not before Liz grabbed all the hardware).

The space cleared, the guest room now became our “staging area.” Hard to believe that this whole area used to be clear, once upon a time.

A few hours into our work, Liz was giggling at how harried I looked. While we have some AC units in the windows, they are in other rooms (which are a bit cordoned off). So we just had a window open, with a small fan – and the front area was pretty sweltering.

Liz said that I looked like the crazy professor from a Sci-Fi movie, with important information about the future.

Still got it, after all these years.

The start of some reboxed boxes. Also, our open window with a small fan helping with ventilation.

We found a lot of old stuff, some of it ours, some of it from the prior occupants of the house.

I came across an old package of Astronaut Ice Cream, which I think I got as a parting gift from the Month at the Museum contest, circa 2010.

No actual expiration date, but maybe it’s not a problem? Because it’s freeze-dried?

I dunno. The thing is like 7 years old at this point. Not sure if it’s safe or not.

An old E.T. dinner tray that belongs to Liz. One of these days, all this old stuff will find a better home. But for now, everything’s going back into a box.

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