No Gym Membership Needed

I don’t take many selfies, but this is a picture of me last night at the kitchen table. Out of sight is a delicious beer that I was drinking, after hauling several loads from the basement to our newly-cleared office.

The past weekend was pretty busy, but I found myself with some excess energy at the end of the work day. And, weirdly, I felt like sweating. And sweat I did.

I cleared out a decent amount of junk, and moved some of the larger pieces of wood we had stored in the basement. Eventually, we’ll have to clear out the entire basement 100%, in order to epoxy the floor. And last night, I decided to get a bit of a jumpstart.

I remember thinking: Who needs a gym membership? I get my exercise by just moving things from one room in my house to another, over and over again.

Seriously – I have four or five boxes of heavy floor tile that I’ve moved from the basement to the second floor and back to the basement again. It’s on the list of things that need to eventually need to get moved out of the basement.

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