Laura Marling on Loop

I mentioned Laura Marling’s Wildfire previously, but the past week or so I’ve fallen into putting this particular song on a loop. In particular, this version/recording made for The Mahogany Sessions is what I’ve been looping over and over and over again.

Favorite lines for me:

Of course the only part that I want to read
Is about her time spent with me
Wouldn’t you die to know how you’re seen
Are you getting away with who you’re trying to be?”

Interestingly, the talk-singing this time around bothers me less than it used to. And something about this song has just captured my head so fully, that it’s just been the perfect thing to have in the background. Over and again.

In case you have weird, obsessive listening habits like me – I’ve had this page opened in a tab.

Laura Marling: Wild Fire
Laura Marling: Soothing

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