I Hope It’s Not Too Late for Dessert

Earlier tonight, a little after 9PM, I noticed that I had a missed call on my phone. I checked the voicemail, and it was from our neighbors the Browns (Bernie and Carol Jean). In the message, Carol Jean was hoping that it wasn’t too late to call, and that she wanted to see about bringing us over some dessert she had made for us.

I called back and, given the heavy snow that’s been coming down this evening… offered to walk over, saving them the trip. Liz has also been sick at home for several days, so we wouldn’t really be able to receive them, were they to come over.

I popped over, and came back home with this guy!

We had given Bernie and Carol Jean one of the pies from the Apple Pie Day in Valparaiso, last year. And this was their gift back to us.

I say “we” as if I actually did any of the work. So far, with my ability to be in close proximity to other people who are good at making sweet tasting things in the oven… I have to say I’m really on the winning end, here.

Our dessert was a delicious, spiced raisin cake with caramel frosting. I was pretty full when I got this, but dug down deep and somehow found room for one two pieces.

We’ve received a lot of gifts from the Browns, over the years. We continue to feel so very lucky to have such fantastic neighbors.

Surprise Pie
Dinner with Bernie and Carol Jean
First Home, First Day

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