Spotting a One Wheel Electric Scooter in the Wild

On my walk to the Metra station today, I spotted this guy. He had a really interesting device, and I was trying to get a shot of it… but didn’t get close enough. He took off right as I got near.

About a half-block later, I got a small glimpse of it again. It was a one-wheel pogo stick thingie. Electric. And seemed decently zippy.

A block later, I caught up with him again and got a little closer.

Action shot of him rolling away.

I felt a little weird sneaking these photos, but I couldn’t get close enough to get his attention. At every intersection, he’d zip away before I could say anything… and one block later he’d be caught at the light, with me getting just close enough to snap a photo.

I really wanted to ask him more details about this device, its specs, and all that good stuff. Sadly, I had to resort to some random Google searches instead.

Based on what I found, I think what I saw was the Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter.

While I would love something like this, I don’t know that I travel enough of a distance in my commute to really justify the $999 price tag. Given what I saw today, we both made roughly the same distance – him on his Kiwano and me on foot. But he did look much cooler, along the way.

The one aspect that seems to be downplayed is the “wireless control”. It’s one thing to ride around town on something like this, but another thing entirely if you can becon it to travel to you first.

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