An Eventful Morning

After the big snowstorm yesterday, I got the car out and decided to run a few errands. Walking out of Walgreen’s, I thought this combination of items was pretty funny.

Note: My cough is getting better, but it’s still a challenge getting to sleep at night. The NyQuil was more of a backup, in case it got hard to fall asleep again.

One sad thing: despite having a new kitchen setup/sink, the water pipes powering our sink froze over this morning.

We were able to thaw them out and got the water running again, but Bob’s original concern has come true – he warned our plumber to not install water lines along the side of the house. And having ignored Bob’s advice, we’ve now got freezing issues.

There’s no easy way to access the problematic area, and though we put a lot of insulation down… we couldn’t reach the problematic area that seems to be more exposed to the outside elements.

Bob’s going to come over and re-do the pipes, which sounds like the better solution to this problem. For now, we’ve just kept a small heater going and let the water trickle slowly to prevent the pipes from freezing up again. So far, so good.

The DayQuils and NyQuils Tend to Blur Together
Frozen Light Bulb

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  1. Oh no!! Does the pipe re-do mean you have to go back through the drywall you just installed?

    Mellzah Reply

    • Never mind, I’m an idiot. Sorry about the plumbing issues nonetheless, my pipes froze in the garage with a level of insulation that my home inspector deemed just fine. *eyeroll*

      Mellzah Reply

      • I think the solution for us will be to cut the pipes, and feed them up straight through the floor. The pipes are exposed to the outside in a poorly insulated area of the wall that, currently, isn’t easy for us to get to. Better to get them away from the exterior wall.

        So far, this has been the only time this has happened to us in the house. Which, given the poor state of insulation, is kind of a miracle. Sorry to hear you also had pipe issues – hopefully it’s not something that needs a lot of rework to address!

        avoision Reply

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