Complaint Surprise

It’s been quite nice, ever since our street got paved. But one thing I’ve noticed a lot of is that water will collect and sit, more than it has in the past. It’s happened after heavy rains sure, but also seems to happen after just moderate rains as well. Never used to be this bad or pronounced.

I set some photos of the street just south of us, back when we had a lot of snow melting and the standing water froze up again. One of the photos showed a car’s tire submerged about 1/3 of the way in ice.

We had some strong rains this weekend, and I snapped a few photos of the flooded street to send in to the city, in the hopes they’d come out and look at maybe clearing out the sewer drain. When I did this a few months ago, the city was actually pretty good about following-up within 10 days or so. And in fact, I think they dug up part of the street to address the issue.

Hoping they can take a look at the same problem, just a block north of where they just were. And hopefully they can fix it without tearing up the street again.

Ha – I was complaining so much, I forgot why I even posted this photo in the first place. This photo was meant to document the bad flooding, but on looking at it just now… I missed how lovely the reflected houses looked. Felt like a nice surprise.

Roadwork Begins
Early Morning Roadwork
Water Rushing Out and Back In

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