A New Bunny Space for Hugo and Daisy

With the space under the landing closed up with plywood, we were able to create a small space for the two of them, together.

Prior to today… Hugo and Daisy have been in separate pens. They’ve been situated next to one another, but still had separate living spaces.

Liz has continued the bonding sessions with them, but has slowly progressed to where she’s no longer sitting and monitoring them both. The two have been in the same space for a few hours at a stretch, and Liz felt it was time for them to be around one another, 100%.

Hugo and Daisy, exploring. It was fun to watch them look around, checking out their new digs. I think this is the largest space Hugo’s had in a while… and he seemed pretty excited for the extra square footage.

A bit of video (make sure to watch for the binky at the end):

Covering the Landing
Everyone, Meet Hugo
Daisy and Mr. Bubbles, First Bonding Session

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