Motoworks Chicago: Picking Up Liz’s Vespa

The scooters have been sitting outside all winter, and recently we had the Vespa taken in to get its battery replaced. Liz got the call today that it was ready to be picked up, but she wasn’t able to swing by due to her class in the evening.

So post-work, I hopped the Pink Line and headed on over to Motoworks, to get the Vespa. As I was waiting around, I snapped a few photos of the interior.

View of the space near the entryway, looking in.

A row of Vespas.

I got to ride Liz’s Vespa home, which was a fun time. The thing is pretty powerful (I hit 50 at a few points), all in all. I’m just not so crazy about the powder blue color.

Best quote of the ride back? A little 9-year-old girl, walking with her mom, looked at me while crossing the street and said “Cool motorcycle!”

I thought that was pretty funny.

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