The Imaginative Automata of Dug North

Dug North makes some seriously freaking amazing automata. The ones featured in this video are playful, beautiful, and incredibly complex.

When I think of automata, I imagine them to be old – clockwork pieces from a bygone era. But these pieces have a kind of modern feel that sites alongside the old.

And good lord, what a work area. What I wouldn’t give for an office like his. Not that I want workstations and tools (though my father-in-law Bob might enjoy that). I’m mostly talking about the vault-like nook where you can hide away from the world. What a fantastic creative space.

You can find out more information on Dug in this article. You can also check out his website and blog.

Karakuri Ningyo: Tiny, Marvelous Japanese Automata
Penny Arcade: Three Storylines, Three Beginnings

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    • Thanks for that link, Woody – some great stuff there! I don’t think I’ve seen his stuff before, but one did look a little familiar. Not sure where I saw it before, but I recognized Machine with Concrete.

      Very cool. Will need to go back and browse through his work a bit more…

      avoision Reply

  1. Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the video.

    Dug North Reply

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