Large “Monopoly” Property: Logan Boulevard, Not For Sale

Spotted this on the way home – an awesome Monopoly property replica, painted right onto the sidewalk. I love that it’s my neighborhood, that it’s in my neighborhood… and that my neighborhood’s got no price tag.

Fun stuff by Bored, the art collective that’s been making the rounds recently for their Monopoly-inspired work around town.

Interestingly enough, this new piece is just a few feet away from the Chicago Dice that Liz and I found a few days ago, on our way to work.

One can only surmise that Bored (He? She? They?) are regulars at New Wave Coffee.

Bored: Chicago Dice, Logan Square
Large “Monopoly” Community Chest Cards And Dice, Logan Square
Large “Monopoly” Chance Cards, Logan Square

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