Happy Birthday, Blog: A Decade of Daily Blog Entries

A funny thing happened about a week ago: my blog turned 10 years old. It kind of happened without me realizing it, and when I started to add up the time… I realized I’ve made a decade worth of daily blog entries.

When I first started blogging, I had a particular goal in mind: post something, every single day. I started things up in 2002, and even back then… the web was filled blogs that never updated. I found this kind of an annoying thing, and decided to make a pact with anyone who visited my site: you swing by, I’ll make sure to have something new every day.

In that time, I’d like to think I’ve been mostly successful. In recent years, I’ve cheated a bit where I’ll do a re-cap on Sunday night or Monday morning, regarding the weekend. And despite a few periods where I didn’t update regularly (due to moving, vacation, or my honeymoon)… I’d like to think I’ve been pretty faithful to that original goal of daily posts.

So here were are, ten years later. Kind of crazy, to look back now over everything I’ve documented up here. The finally tally, as of today is: 7,526 blog posts and 2,710 comments. I was rolling my own blog setup for the first five years, switched to Movable Type in 2007, then made the move to WordPress last September. I can’t believe it took me that long to jump over to WP, as it’s been delightful ever since.

Check this out – this is the first photo I posted, from my very first blog post, way back in July of 2002.

And here’s a photo I took from the same spot (the Damen Blue Line stop), in 2012. It’s not quite exact, but I tried to stand as close as I could to the original. Interesting to see how the trees have changed, over all this time. FYI yes, Penny’s is still in the same spot.

I thought, briefly, about trying to do some kind of ten year summary… but after several failed attempts, it just feels way too big a thing to attempt. I’ve already got a section of the site where I look back over each year, and list out my Ten Best Days (from 2002 – 2011). And the idea of picking out my favorite ten days from the last ten years was simply too daunting.

I then had the idea of trying to create a litany of smaller/interesting events, like the time I met Mr. T, or was the 561st person to get Chuck Palahniuk’s autograph, or how I got a glimpse behind the scenes, at a bowling alley. Twice, actually.

There’s the time I saw Mario Wallenda cross the Chicago River, as well as the time I saw Queensrÿche in concert (one of my favorite bands when I was in high school), while wearing an autographed jean jacket. And there’s the time I came really close to spending 30 days inside the Museum of Science and Industry.

I’ve been to the top of the Merchandise Mart, and have seen a man tucked halfway into the sidewalk. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive $1,000 from some very generous strangers, and have also found the luckiest penny ever.

I could go on and on. There are so many wonderfully small days on here… I could spend the better part of a day, and still not feel like I had a good list to share.

So instead, a request: if you’re reading this page, I’m asking you to leave a comment. I’m really curious to hear from folks who are readers. How did you find out about this blog? First time visiting, or have you been swinging by for some time now?

If you’re someone who stops by with regularity… is there one particular post that’s stuck with you?

To everyone reading this, new and old readers alike: thanks for visiting. I mean this, sincerely.

Time is one of the most valuable currencies we have, and a close second is attention. With the increasing ways in which people can choose to spend their coin online… I appreciate you spending a little of that here, with me.

Should be interesting to see what the next ten years will bring.

Ten Best Days of Every Year, 2002 – 2011
Photographs Of The Art Institute, Taken 119 Years Apart (1893 – 2012)

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  1. I’ve been reading this blog for nearly as long as you’ve been writing it. It’s been a great pleasure! I think i need to buy you lunch today to celebrate.

    Ben Reply

    • Lunch was a little hectic on Friday – sorry that didn’t work out. Raincheck for next time? What are you doing in 2022?

      avoision Reply

  2. Congrats on 10 years Felix! Somehow, your blog has become part of the orientation process here at work. I think it was Deb who said, “You wanna know about the people here at this company, ‘Felix’s Blog’ is an awesome place to start” I’ve been following ever since.

    Utopia Reply

    • I’m still amazed at how much people (friends, and especially folks at work) put up with my documenting everything. Very glad you’re with us at EI!

      avoision Reply

  3. Felix, congratulations! Thank you for being so generous with your time and your photos and sharing all your experiences with us. Your blog is one of my regular go-to spots because I always find something good to read or some great photo. I can’t count the number of people I’ve directed to your site. It’s been a most enjoyable decade. Thanks for being such a great citizen of the Internet!

    juliet Reply

    • Thanks for the very kind words, Juliet. Looking back, I kind of wish I started this thing while I was still in Columbus. So many wonderful moments at OSU that I would have loved to have recorded. In a lot of ways, I look at this blog sometimes like a very large, personal photo album.

      avoision Reply

  4. I’ve been reading for about 8 months, ever since I found that “Why would you click on that” video and realized you look EXACTLY like a client of mine. After some sleuthing (I thought you might actually BE my client at first) I stumbled on this blog. Then we ran into each other at the vintage show and I’ve been following ever since. And then you led me to contribute to the poetry site! So odd how such strange coincidences can quickly produce real value in another’s life. That poetry contribution got me thinking about a performance piece I’m now working on! Might never have happened without your instigation.

    Michael Kiser Reply

    • Meeting at the Holiday Pop-Up show was really funny and really fun. Maybe some day I’ll end up meeting that client of yours, and we’ll find out if end up negating one another. Unlike the time I tried to meet my dopplegänger, and all we did was drink.

      I’m very happy you were down for contributing to the poetry project, and excited to hear it helped spark something of your own. Would definitely love to hear more about it, as you progress!

      avoision Reply

  5. Happy 10 year anniversary! That’s amazing! And I’m grateful you post something new (almost) every day, so please keep it up! : )

    Marty J. Christopher Reply

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