Pouring the Base for the Basement Column

Tonight, I worked with Bob on setting up the base for a hefty column in the basement. The goal is to raise up the first floor a bit, as it’s sagging significantly in a few spots. But to do that, we need a substantive base to rest the column on.

We had done some prep work a month or so ago, and today we poured the rest of the column base.

I’m still amazed at the concrete mixing process, and how an 80 pound bag only requires about a gallon of water. I’m also slowly getting a sense for the proper consistency, watching as Bob adds splashes of water to the mix like a chef.

Someday soon, I expect Liz and I will be mixing up a great deal of concrete, once we start to fill this large area back in. But before that day comes, we have a lot of sand to haul back inside the house.

Looking forward to raising up the floor. Bob says it’s going to require a heftier jack than we’ve used in the past. He also said to expect a lot of loud sounds, when we do actually go through with this (lots of wood creaking and popping). Should be very, very interesting.

Filling a Very Large Hole in the Basement
Pouring Concrete for the Furnace Platform

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  1. Wood popping and creaking? Loud sounds??? Ugggh okay???

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