Another Year, Another Tax Return, Another Building

This year for our taxes, though we went to the same guy (Jim Kamin), we went to a totally new location. He’s no longer in Old Town (having sold that fantastic office), and set up shop on South Jefferson, on the west side of downtown.

Small world – on arriving, who should we happen to see but Alexandra! Turns out, she works nearby – it was a total coincidence, and a nice bit of serendipity.

Jim, in his new digs.

Though I doubt any other office could have matched the look of the Old Town location, I do have the say that the view from inside Jim’s new location is pretty slick.

I hate to say this, but I’m at a loss for any photos from 2014. I usually snap a pic of Jim each year, but I can’t find any entry for 2014. I know we did our taxes (hi Uncle Sam), but I just don’t seem to have any posts or photos. Weird.

We’ve been working with Jim now for a long while (and he was helping me with my taxes, even before I met Liz). If you’re in Chicago and need a guy, give Jim a ring.

Even if it’s close to the April deadline, give him a call anyways. In the past, when he’s been booked up and the time’s tight… he’s been able to file an extension on my behalf, and we end up meeting after April 15th. Here’s his info:

James C. Kamin
216 S Jefferson Street
Suite 201
Chicago, IL 60661

P: 312.751.1253

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James C. Kamin: Certified Public Accountant, Chicago

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