Microsculpture: The Amazingly Detailed Macrophotography of Levon Bliss

Levon Biss is a photographer who has a pretty spectacular exhibit at the Oxford Museum of Natural History. Entitled Microsculpture, he’s taken his traditional photography skills and is applying them to macrophotography.

The process, outlined in the short doc above, seems incredibly laborious (with numerous images stitched togeter, to produce the final result).

Each image from the Microsculpture project is created from around 8000 individual photographs […] From start to finish, a final photograph will take around 3 weeks to shoot, process and retouch.

The large prints look like they would be amazing to see in person. You can view (and zoom in on) several examples on the Microsculpture site. And Bliss’ personal website is also really well worth checking out, too.

[via n1k0]

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