Basement Work, Yard Work

Bob and Julie came by over the weekend, and spent a long Sunday afternoon helping us work on the house. While Julie and Liz were outside working on the yard, I was down in the basement with Bob.

This ledge had been something Bob was working on, and worked a lot to get just right. The angle/depth has taken a lot of re-measuring and re-fitting, and was no small end of frustration to get just right.

Bob ended up cutting the corner, and reshaping the ledges more before re-attaching them. After a lot of adjustments, it’s now in place at the base of where our stairs will go.

Additionally, we got some plywood affixed – making this corner start to feel a lot more complete.

Outside, Liz and Julie planted a lot of new flowers in the parkway and in the front yard.

The brick path, looking quite nice.

The front yard.

A few new groups of flowers, including some additions near where Quincy is.

A new Clematis, which will eventually grow upwards.

The two large pots near the front steps, now full.

Trash bins, and a little… something extra being thrown away. I have to say that this was sitting outside for a large part of the holiday weekend, and I was a little nervous peeking inside it come Tuesday morning.

To all the drunk college students who may have stumbled by: thank you for listening to the better angels of your nature.

New plants and old pots in the backyard.

In the middle is a vibrant and colorful Rhododendron, which Liz has named “Rhody.”

A longer view of the flowerbeds/fence.

Prepping for the Basement Stairs
A Day Outside

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