Upstairs, Downstairs

With the office ceiling fully exposed, Bob was able to look things over and assess the state of our turret. In short: it’s not good.

There’s a lot of additional support that needs to happen, ASAP. And if we want to open up the turret more, we’ve got to do a great deal more in terms of finding additional ways to support this whole area.

I’m torn because there are both good and bad things that have come from these discoveries. The bad: it’s more work we didn’t expect, and something that potentially messes with our already incredibly busy/full timeline.

The good: we got really lucky in discovering all these problems now, as opposed to later. Had we not done this work, we might never have known. Now that we know, we can do something to make things more supported, more stable.

After conferring upstairs, we were in the basement talking next steps. Bob was looking over Liz’s work, and close to installing the cove modling on our basement steps.

Onward and upward. Quite literally.

Office Ceiling Demo, Part 1
Office Ceiling Demo, Part 2

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